2014 T-shirt Design Selected

submitted design artwork

Artwork George Matthaei

During the last two weeks in August, the public had the opportunity to select a design they would like to see to be used for the 10th anniversary of the Malverne 5K run. We got twice as many responses as last year, despite the fact that there were only two submissions. Thank you all for you participation—artists and judges. Without you it would not be a contest.

The picture reveals what the selected design would be. And who is the author? George Matthaei. Congratulations George! Two contests, two wins. (He also won last year). We’ll ask the author to submit the actual artwork file and come to the award ceremony after the 5K run on Sunday, October 19th. We’ll re-purpose his design for other promotional materials—flyers, posters, brochures. Now, artists, are you pumped up? Think next year.

Registration update. Online registrations for Malverne 5K run and the Southwest Nassau Run Series run are open. Visit the Registration page. We are looking forward to see you—running or walking.


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