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Choose theme design for 10th Malverne 5K — 13 Comments

  1. I like choice A….it’s original and fresh…b looks like clip art from the computer….boring!

  2. I really like choice A…. IT’S ORIGINAL!!! Hand drawn, wasn’t computer generated. Not like a STAMP or a PRINT shirt you can get at Modells.

    • I did version B. I actually researched many images of men and women breaking the tape in races. I also did quite a few drawing to simplify the images I would use. Finally I scanned in my final drawings and redrew them in Abobe Illustrator. After manipulating them and the type, that I thought looked best, I put a white stroke around my two runners so they would stand out better from the orange and blue. That is how I came up with my entry for the t-shirt contest. I wish there had been more entries. Thanks for you input.

  3. I really like choice A. It’s fresh to see a hand drawn design, especially one so nicely done!

  4. I pick A t-shirt design bc it looks free stylish, child-like makes you reminisce about ur favorite cartoons and also the fact that it is hand drawn.

  5. I like A. The hand-drawn design makes the event feel more like home, the feeling Malverne has always given me and my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks for offering this up to a vote.
    While I appreciate the loose, hand-crafted feel of A, choice B’s design is clear, fresh, and straightforward and that’s kinda what I get out of running.