Malverne 5K Run, Spring Update

It has been already posted, but here is a reminder. Malverne 5K run will take place on October 18. Both, the 5k run and the fun run have the same course as last year. We are in the process of applying for permits and insurance. We are also looking for sponsors. The proceeds from the event support local youth programs. What is new?

We are considering to change the color of the shirts to a vibrant orange and have navy blue imprint. What about ordering long sleeves? We encourage you to weigh in with your opinions. Use the tab “Contact” above. Also, think about submitting your design for evaluation. We’ll announce the design contest in a month. If you are new to the site, review the previous contests.

We are again forming the Southwest Nassau Run Series. The Five Towns Community Chest 5K run will open the Series on Sep. 6, followed by Inwood 5K on Oct. 11, and Malverne 5K run on Oct. 18. Fly with the Owls 4M run will close the Series on Nov. 14.

We encourage you to start preparing now, if you are not a seasoned runner already. Need motivation? You can enroll your child in the OLL Malverne CYO cross country team and run along. The practices will start on July 9th and continue twice a week through October.

t-shirt-short-sleevePlease, consider helping, if you don’t plan to register as a runner/walker. Also, consider to be a “documentary agent.” Bring your video camera, set it on a tripod anywhere on the course. We noticed at other races that it is more entertaining when the usual finish line clip is mixed with “on course” clips.

To conclude this update, we want to bring to your attention other local running events that take place this or the following weekend. One is the inaugural Valley Stream 5K (Valley Stream 5K run) in Hendrickson Park on May 31, the second is the Girls On The Run 5K (girls only) at Hofstra, also this Sunday. And the third is the AIDS Cancer Run Walk 5K in Baldwin Park on June 7.

Stay tuned for the design contest announcement in late June or early July.



Malverne 5K Run, Spring Update — 5 Comments

  1. It would be helpful if you put the location of this event somewhere that it can be found quickly. After scanning for a minute or so…..I stopped. Still have no idea where this race is.

    • Donna, You are right. Although we have the location info disguised under the tab “Event,” we need to make it available with a simple click. We really appreciate your suggestion.

      • I am still searching for the location. Great web site with loads of information but I am in Florida and have no idea where these places are!

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the link. This is a great website! If you volunteer need help for the Malverne 5K I’m happy to sign up. Hope all is well with you and your family.