2014 T-shirt Design Selected

submitted design artwork

Artwork George Matthaei

During the last two weeks in August, the public had the opportunity to select a design they would like to see to be used for the 10th anniversary of the Malverne 5K run. We got twice as many responses as last year, despite the fact that there were only two submissions. Thank you all for you participation—artists and judges. Without you it would not be a contest.

The picture reveals what the selected design would be. And who is the author? George Matthaei. Congratulations George! Two contests, two wins. (He also won last year). We’ll ask the author to submit the actual artwork file and come to the award ceremony after the 5K run on Sunday, October 19th. We’ll re-purpose his design for other promotional materials—flyers, posters, brochures. Now, artists, are you pumped up? Think next year.

Registration update. Online registrations for Malverne 5K run and the Southwest Nassau Run Series run are open. Visit the Registration page. We are looking forward to see you—running or walking.


Select T-shirt Design for Malverne 5K Run-Walk

T-shirt Design

The artwork submission period has ended and now the public has the opportunity to voice (click) their opinion what t-shirt design will be used. Last year, there were 10 entries submitted. You can see them here. Although the contest rules allow for resubmitting previous entries, none got resubmitted. This year, we received only two entries. Now, it’s in your hands. Please, select one of them by filling out the form below. The design with most votes will get printed on the shirt. Continue reading


Design Contest, Registration for The 10th Malverne 5K

Last year, we implemented different rules for soliciting the T-shirt design and we were rewarded by much larger number of artwork submitted. Please, review the contest rules and, at the end of the post, read also about the run registration and a tip for an event to attend this Saturday. Continue reading


Malverne 5K Run: 10-Year Anniversary

The Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation (MEFF) committee met to discuss the Malverne 5K annual run/walk for education. We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. The 5K run and kids fun run will take place on October 19th. This year again, we’ll coordinate with other 3 community runs and form the Southwest Nassau Run Series. We had a positive response from the running community after the inaugural Series last year. Runners/walkers admitted the Series kept them active for a longer period of time. The sponsors also liked the fact they received a larger exposure. Their message went to approximately 1,500 participants.

This year, the Inwood 5K run will open the Series on October 12th. Weekend later, it will be Malverne, followed by the Five Towns Community Chest 5K on October 26th. Fly with the Owls 4-mile run will close the Series on November 15th. When is a good time to start preparing? Now. If you need a stronger motivation, perhaps enrolling your kid in the OLL Malverne CYO cross country team and running along will help. Their practices will start in July. Continue reading