Malverne 5K Run Update

Registration Deadline

There is exactly one week remaining to register for kids races (50–400m) and the Malverne 5K run before the fee goes up (October 10). The two-race combined registration will close completely on that day. And the opportunity to win a $100 gift card will end with it. The map of the 5K course is now available on the Event page.

Team Competition

We added a team competition that is open to school district 12 employees who register as individuals. Each team will consist of 4 members randomly drawn out of a hat on the day of the run. The Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation (MEFF) will award a $100 gift certificate to purchase school supplies to each member of the winning team.

disguised front designT-shirt Design

The run organizers have used a different T-shirt design each year. The tradition continues and the design, disguised here, will be used on the T-shirt. All participants in 5K will get a shirt. The short sleeve shirts are runner friendly, made of moisture wicking materials that are suitable for sport activities. The shirts will be available for sale. We also have 4×4 in. magnets for sale.


Your opportunity to make a tax deductible contribution that supports youth programs is in effect and doesn’t end on the race day. Programs are sponsored throughout the year. Place your company logo with a link on our website, or submit a brief company profile. Find the sponsorship options on the Sponsors page

Volunteers Needed

If you don’t plan on running or walking, we definitely need your help on the track where the kids races will take place, and then alongside the 5K course, as well. Detailed information and volunteer signup is on the Volunteers page. Cheering the runners/walkers is also a great help!


We posted some pictures and scanned an article related to the past events. If you have some additional pictures (from the start or finish), or articles, email them to us. If we place your contribution and you will be among first 10 senders, we’ll reward you with a free (transferable) entry to the run this, or the following year.


Registration, Clinic, and more…


Past couple of weeks, we have been very busy with tuning up various registration forms, as you’ll find on the Registration page. From August 5 to August 11, we offered an early registration discount, in honor of the London games described in the previous post. We continue distributing registrations at neighboring races. (If you participate in some, let us know, we’ll give you few registrations to leave behind). We teamed up with Fly with the Owls of Lynbrook and are offering a combined registration for both runs at a discounted registration fee. The runners with the best combined time, AO winners and winners of the masters category, will be awarded a special prize of $100, generously provided by the Lynbrook Runner’s Stop. You’ll find detailed info on the Event page.


At the same time, we were working on organizing a running clinic for non-runners. The training is designed to get anybody across the finish line either walking, or running, or employing a combination of both. The clinic starts soon, check the details on the Clinic page. Running or walking in a group goes much faster and assures better results.


We are considering to build an archive consisting of photos and articles related to the past runs. Visit the Archive page (published soon) and, perhaps, you’ll get to register to run for free.


Your sponsorship really does make a difference! In the past, MEFF has used proceeds from the run to purchase Malverne high school scoreboard, baseball bleachers, and support the pre-prom party. It has also funded mini-grants for teachers and H. T. Herber Middle School’s Backyard Habitat project. You’ll find the sponsorship options on the Sponsors page.

Update: The clinic has been canceled.


Early Registration Discount Offer

This post was updated on August 12, 2012.

In celebration of the Games, we were offering a discounted registration fee for the Malverne 5K run AND the kids short races. The offer expired with closing of the USPS on Saturday, 8/11/12.

The early registration is closed


Malverne 5K Run-Walk Web Site Development

Malverne 5K monologo

The event, organized by the Malverne Rotary Club and the Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation is getting its own web site. This year, the Malverne 5K run-walk for education will take place on October 14 and include races for kids that will precede the 5K run. 

While the web site is being developed, you can subscribe to updates by filling out the form. You’ll be automatically notified when a new content will be posted.

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