History of The Malverne 5K Run

We are building an archive of past runs. We are collecting articles—see the references in the sidebars to the articles we found online so far, photos, T-shirt designs, results (missing from our list) and other items related to the past Malverne 5K runs. You can snap a photo of a T-shirt design of previous years, or scan a published newspaper article. We are looking forward to your contributions.

We’ll reward the first 10 contributors with a free, transferable entry to the Malverne 5K.*

* We’ll use our discretion as to what we’ll post on the website. Only posted submissions will qualify for the reward. A person who submits several entries is entitled to one reward only. (No 10 years of free runs :)). The submitted material must state the origin and description, so we can credit it appropriately.

Contributors remaining to be rewarded: 9

 Theme Designs

Collateral Material


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