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While  the registration for all 4 races of the inaugural Southwest Nassau Run Series has been open already for some time (online registration only), we didn’t open the registration for Malverne 5K run until now. There are both, a single registrant form and a “family” form for multiple registrations available at the Registration page. Don’t delay your registration, though. Only the first 250 registrants (series and Malverne run combined) will have their shirts waiting for them at the registration desk on the day of the run. Not only you’ll have your shirt, but for the first time in the history of Malverne 5K you can let us know (using the form below) what T-shirt design you prefer to wear.

T-shirt Design Contest

We really like the idea of having different T-shirt design each year. We even received a couple of designs from children. As they don’t meet the print requirements, we posted them for inspiration anyway. Last year, we used a wider pool of designers and selected the design. This year, you are in charge. Pick one design you like and select its letter in the form below the samples. Evaluate the design concept. The actual color combination may appear different when printed. The design with the most votes will get on the shirt.

(Update 9/2: The evaluation has been closed.)

And by the way, if we see you running in the Malverne 5K shirt from last year, we’ll ask for your name to give you a registration discount this year ($10). You can encounter us running daily in Malverne, Lakeview, Lynbrook, and occasionally in RVC, Baldwin, and Valley Stream.



Pick Your Design — 7 Comments

  1. I actually blog likewise and I am creating something alike
    to this specific blog post, “Pick Your T-Shirt Design – Malverne 5K Run”.
    Will you care in the event that Iemploy several of your own concepts?
    Thanks for your effort ,Kathleen

  2. How about making a category for runners over 70 ? I’ m 74; should I have to compete with runners 14 years younger than I am

    • James, our age group categories go even higher than is your age. The 60+ (senior master) you are, probably, referring to is the award for the first senior master.