Select 2015 T-shirt Design

Update 9/24/15: The selection period has ended and form was removed from the post.

The The artwork submission period has ended and now the public has the opportunity to voice (click) their opinion what t-shirt design will be used. Although the contest rules allow for resubmitting previous entries, none got resubmitted. Now, it’s in your hands. Please, select one of the designs by filling out the form below. The design with most votes will get printed on the shirt.

If you want to warm up before our Malverne 5K run, there are several opportunities to do so. For example, this weekend, Sat., Sept 19 @ 8:30 AM, there is Fit and Healthy Mamas 5K run/walk in Eisenhower Park, Field 2. The following weekend, there is a family fun run (Facebook event) in support of St. Thomas of Apostle. And on Columbus Day weekend, there is another run in the Southwest Nassau Runs series – Inwood 5K.



Select 2015 T-shirt Design — 26 Comments

  1. I like Design C but I think you need to add “Run for Education” below the line. people need to know you/they are supporting a worthy cause. Good luck.

  2. How about something in the design with a Malverne cool landmark… Like the gazebo… And I trust in 2015 the shirt will be dri-fit!!!