Select T-shirt Design for Malverne 5K Run-Walk

T-shirt Design

The artwork submission period has ended and now the public has the opportunity to voice (click) their opinion what t-shirt design will be used. Last year, there were 10 entries submitted. You can see them here. Although the contest rules allow for resubmitting previous entries, none got resubmitted. This year, we received only two entries. Now, it’s in your hands. Please, select one of them by filling out the form below. The design with most votes will get printed on the shirt.

The evaluation period will end on September 2. BTW, if we see you running in the Malverne 5K T-shirt from previous years, weโ€™ll ask for your name in order to give you a registration discount ($10) for this year.

Update: The selection process has been closed and the form removed on September 2nd. The results of the community vote was announced on September 4th. George Matthaei’s artwork was selected.


The online registration for our Malverne 5K run-walk has been opened on August 30th. The downloadable form is available from the Registration page. You can select between the individual or family forms. We closely collaborate with 3 other community runs and together we created the Southwest Nassau Run Series. By registering for all 4 runs you save on combined registration fee and get additional prizes. Check often the series registration page (online only), as it should open any day. The other 3 community runs are Inwood 5K (10/12), Five Towns Community Chest 5K (10/26), and Fly with The Owls 4M (11/15).

Update: The registration is closed.



Select T-shirt Design for Malverne 5K Run-Walk — 13 Comments

  1. I like choice A….it’s original and fresh…b looks like clip art from the computer….boring!

  2. I really like choice A…. IT’S ORIGINAL!!! Hand drawn, wasn’t computer generated. Not like a STAMP or a PRINT shirt you can get at Modells.

    • I did version B. I actually researched many images of men and women breaking the tape in races. I also did quite a few drawing to simplify the images I would use. Finally I scanned in my final drawings and redrew them in Abobe Illustrator. After manipulating them and the type, that I thought looked best, I put a white stroke around my two runners so they would stand out better from the orange and blue. That is how I came up with my entry for the t-shirt contest. I wish there had been more entries. Thanks for you input.

  3. I really like choice A. It’s fresh to see a hand drawn design, especially one so nicely done!

  4. I pick A t-shirt design bc it looks free stylish, child-like makes you reminisce about ur favorite cartoons and also the fact that it is hand drawn.

  5. I like A. The hand-drawn design makes the event feel more like home, the feeling Malverne has always given me and my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks for offering this up to a vote.
    While I appreciate the loose, hand-crafted feel of A, choice B’s design is clear, fresh, and straightforward and that’s kinda what I get out of running.