T-shirt design for 2016 Malverne run selected

The t-shirt design contest ended on September 12th. The MEFF board of directors received just one submission. So, we don’t need a selection period for the public to voice their opinion, like in the past. In October, we’ll use the submitted artwork (below), after obtaining the digital file from the author. As in previous years, the author will receive a check in the amount of $100 at the event. And as in previous year, the artist is George Matthaei, MUFSD resident living in Lynbrook.

Next run, I recommend, is Inwood 5K on October 9th. After the previous post, some local runners inquired about the Fly with the Owls 4-miler in Lynbrook that is not scheduled for this November. We don’t have any update. I recommend all interested individuals to use social media to get together and plan for next year. The date, course, distance, it’s all open to the active ones who’ll bring it back next year.

See you at Malverne HS on October 16th at 8:30 for the fun run.

malverne 5k t-shirt design 2016


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