The 8th Annual 5K Run

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Saturday—when the T-shirts were still available.


The 8th annual Malverne 5K run-walk for education is history. There were 216 finishers, more than double of the previous year. The women outnumbered men 2:1. The pleasant weather certainly attracted the undecided, as there were about 50 participants who signed up on the day of run. The kids races also contributed to the increased participation. There were 25 participants in kids races.

We anticipated higher number of participants this year, but we were caught unprepared for such a great increase. We ran out of refreshments and T-shirts. We apologize for that. We are aware of it and we’ll make adjustments for the 9th annual Malverne 5K run next year.
The main purpose why the Malverne Rotary and the Malverne Educational and Fitness Foundation organize the event is to raise money for youth projects in the school district. So it’s important to recognize the sponsors and think about local relationships. You’ll find all Malverne 5K run supporters on the Sponsors page.

To organize an event of such “magnitude” (in Malverne) requires a significant manpower and coordination. Volunteers, we really appreciate your help. Some came to help with kids races and later ran or walked the 5K run. We welcomed the excellent and unexpected help represented by the women’s basketball team from Hofstra University. The volunteers stationed within the last half mile from the finish line brought pompons and cheered the tired runners. We  also must mention the help and contribution of the police departments, all 4 of them, departments of public works, village and town mayoral offices, school district administration, and board of education. Thank you all.

Now, what’s next? Well, you prepared for, and you finished 5K. Why not to try something a little longer, less than a mile longer to be specific—the 4-miler Fly with the Owls in Lynbrook. Many already took the advantage of the combined registration. And if you are determined to continue walk or run during the winter, let us facilitate group runs according to a similar time availability. Also, the Lynbrook Runner’s Stop already organizes group runs every Tue. at 7 p.m. And don’t forget our Archive offer.

See you out there.

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